Always Document Accommodations for Testing in the IEP or 504

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Read a great article this morning on the Special Education Law Blog by Charles P. Fox.


The key takeaway for parents is about the need to document and as Mr. Fox puts it “memorialize” the testing accommodations needed by your student. This is important not only for the regular in-school tests, but also for “High Stakes Testing” like the ACTs, SATs and even post-school tests like professional licensing exams, admissions to professional schools etc.

… the DOJ states that “if a candidate previously received testing accommodations under an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a Section 504 Plan, he or she should generally receive the same testing accommodations for a current standardized exam or high-stakes test.”


This is particularly important for high achieving students with disabilities….

Previously, parents frequently were told that students with high grades weren’t eligible for accommodations, no matter how much extra effort compared with their peers that these students had to expend to achieve their grades. According to the document, “. . . someone with a learning disability may achieve a high level of academic success, but may nevertheless be substantially limited in one or more of the major life activities of reading, writing, speaking, or learning, because of the additional time or effort he or she must spend to read, write, speak, or learn compared to most people in the general population.”

The laws and circumstances may change, but the themes stay the same: Ask the Right Questions, Research! and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.