Questions to Ask About College Disability Services



If your student is preparing to transition from Special Education in High School into College there are several savvy questions they should ask at the Disability Services office to help them understand what is help and support is available. These sample questions are from pdf called “Preparing Your Special Needs Student for College” from the Georgia Department of Education.

  • How many hours are tutors available? Is there a limit to the number of hours per week per student?
  • Is my advisor trained to work with students with LD issues?
  • Are there added costs for the services I need?
  • Will my professors be notified of my LD/ADHD and is the notification done by the student or the Program Director?
  • Are course substitutions allowed?
  • Is any other assistive technology or human professional help available that I have not already asked you about?

I particularly like the last part of the last question…. it’s a phrase that we should all put into our vocabulary. Is there help available that I have not already asked about? Frequently, answers are not given because the questions are not asked. By asking this open ended question, we put the focus back on obtaining the necessary help without having to know exactly how to ask for it.